FKFGA Membership

The Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association was founded in 1952.
We are a non-profit 501(c) corporation.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! FKFGA Hat and Decal included with your membership!

Support restoration projects, sponsor an individuals travel to speak on our behalf about conservation issues, give grants to local schools for students to participate in research projects and donate funds to local organizations like the Wild Bird Rehabilitation center, the Barley Bay Festival named after Mary Barley of the Save Our Everglades Foundation and the Sea Grass Outreach Program.

Associate thru Lifetime members are individuals from all over the U.S. Associate members are basically supporters of the FKFGA. Their dues ($125 -$1000 yearly) go into our general fund. There is an elected board of directors that oversee the disbursement of our funds.

The FKFGA is also the main fundraiser for the Guides Trust Foundation (GTF). The GTF is used to assist guides or persons related to the local fishing industry in the event hat1they become injured and unable to work. Our biggest fundraiser is the annual Swamp Guides Ball.

The FKFGA board makes recommendations to the Guides Trust Foundation when we are approached for assistance. Last year the GTF donated about $25,000 in $5,000 increments to assist guides and their families. The donations are used to pay monthly living expenses and other various needs while out of work. Every applicant must meet a certain criteria before being considered for assistance. Once again the FKFGA board makes those decisions based on a set criteria.

We are also active in making recommendations to Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park about areas that need protection and ways to enhance fisheries.

There are six levels of membership as determined below.

1. General (guide) membership Please see #1 below

2. Associate ($125 yearly donation)

3. Supporting ($150 yearly donation)

4. Sponsor ($200 yearly donation)

5. Patron ($500 yearly donation)

6. LIfetime Member ($1000 one time donation)

1. General members are our existing guides from Monroe County. In order to become a general member you must:

A. Be 18 years old w/ appropriate licensing from Monroe county.

B. Have guided withing the waters of the Florida Keys for at least 2 years.

C. Have a sponsor that is already an existing member.

D. Have a valid Captains License and Occupational License

E. Pay intial dues consisting of $200.00, $100 of which goes to your 1-year membership (annual dues are $100).

2. Levels 1
-6 will recieve an official FKFGA Hat and Decal. (as shown above)


PO BOX 936, Islamorada FL 33036

please include your name, phone, mailing address