2017 Swamp Guides Tournament Rules



All Release – Redfish , Snook, Bonefish

Kick-Off Friday, Feb. 3 & Fish on Saturday, Feb 4, 2017



1. Acceptable species: Bonefish, Redfish & Snook- 100 Points per release.

2. Snook and Redfish must be 20" minimum measured from tip of nose to longest portion of tail. Any size bonefish will score.

3. Each entry except bonefish must be photographed on the provided measuring device and the measuring device must be returned to scorekeeper. Bonefish should be photographed in water or net.

4. All fish must be released unharmed – NO Harvesting allowed!

5. Any tackle or bait may be used. NO chumming.

6. Anyone may fish including guides. If 3 people in boat only 2 may fish.

7. All Boats must leave & return to the “LOR-E-LEI.” Leave dock at 7 a.m. Lines in at 7 a.m. Lines out at 3 p.m. Score sheets to scorekeeper by 5 p.m.

8. I.G.F.A. rules apply in instances not covered by tournament rules.

9. This is a team tournament. Two anglers per team.

10. Use of second boat is prohibited.

11. Fishing is prohibited in manmade basins, canals and in no-motor zones within the Everglades National Park. East Cape/Snake Bight canals are not considered manmade in this event.

12. To qualify for team awards, each team member must catch at least

one of the qualifying species that meets the 20 inch minimum.


Photographs: Anglers must provide a digital camera with memory card or text or email photo to NUMBER TO BE DETERMINED with name of angler and time fish is caught. Each fish entered on a scorecard must be photographed with the measuring device visible except bonefish which may be photographed in the water or net.



Team Awards: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place teams.

Team awards will be based on the highest team point score with all three species.

If no team catches all three species, the team with the most points with two species will determine the winner. If no team catches two species, the awards will be given on one species.


Individual Awards: Most Bonefish, Most Redfish, Most Snook

Ladies Grand Champion

Top Guide (Not Fishing)

**Junior Award (age 16 and under) 1st Place/2nd Place only**