31st Annual Swamp Guides Fishing Tournament
Feb. 5-6, 2021
Islamorada, Florida Keys
All Release – Redfish, Snook, Bonefish

Grand Champion Team: Jared Raskob & Andy Yaffa with all 3 species and 24 fish
Runner-Up Team: Caleb Bokor & Richard Balck with all 3 species and 22 fish
Top Guide: Lincoln Rodriguez
Ladies Champion: Betsy Bullard guided by Andy Thompson
Fly Champion: Jillian Tisdale guided by Wes Thompson
Junior Grand Champion: Caleb Bokor guided by Richard Black
Junior Runner-Up: Ben Friedman guided by Steve Friedman
Most Bonefish: (5) Richard Oliver guided by Brian Helms
Most Redfish: (14) Dallas Hill guided by Joe Murphy
Most Snook: (12) Andy Yaffa guided by Jared Raskob

Points Summary: Thirteen teams caught all three species: Jared Raskob & Andy Yaffa (2400 points); Caleb Bokor & Richard Black (2200 points); Lance Keene and Mark Gilman (1800 points including a bonefish on fly); Matt Bohn & Steven Goethal with guide Lincoln Rodrigues (1500 points); Luke Krenik and McKee Krenik (1100 points); Brian Helms & Richard Oliver (1100 points); Betsy Bullard & Wesley Locke with guide Andy Thompson (600 points); David Whetstone & Mark Rehbein (600 points);Ken Diaz & Steven Tejera (600 points); Jake & Johnny Leon (500 points); Eli Whidden & Mark Wolaver (500 points); Jillian Tisdale & Wes Thompson (500 points); Doug Hanks & John Redmond with guide Robert Collins (400 points).