Who Can Join?

General Membership

This membership consists of professional flats/backcountry fishing guides. In order to become a general member you must:

  1. Be a full time guide (majority of income from guiding)
Have guided full time for at least 2 years.
  3. Have a sponsor that is already an existing member.
  4. Have a valid Captains License and Occupational License and all credentials to guide in Monroe County
  5. Pay Dues consisting of a one-time initiation fee of $100 and yearly dues of $100. Annual Dues must be paid by March 15 every year.

Other Membership Opportunities

Associate and Lifetime members are individuals from all over the U.S. Associate members are generally non-guide members who support the FKFGA. Dues for Associate and Lifetime Memberships ($125 -$1000) go into our general fund.

Emeritus Membership

We honor members with ‘Emeritus’ status to those that have shown exceptional efforts in the FKFGA or within the fishing community in general and have made strides toward improving our fisheries and other natural resources. We thank and honor them for their time and dedication to our mission.

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