About our Membership

Guide Member

Guide members are professional flats/backcountry fishing guides who fish primarily in the Florida Keys/Monroe County. These members make up the voting body of the FKFGA. They pay a one-time initiation fee of $100, and annual dues of $100 which is collected by March 15.

Dues must be current to maintain membership.

In order to become a Guide member you must:

  1. Be a full-time guide (majority of income from guiding);
  2. Have guided full-time for at least 2 years;
  3. Have a valid Captain’s License and Occupational License, and all credentials required to guide in Monroe County;
  4. Secure a sponsor that is already an existing FKFGA member.

To start your Guide Member application, e-mail the FKFGA commodore.

Associate Member

Associate members are non-guide members of the community who wish to actively support the FKFGA, but without voting privileges. An effective Associate member has a vested interest in current fishing and conservation issues, and wants to ensure the future wellbeing of the south Florida ecosystem. They attend meetings, participate in discussions, and assist with FKFGA activities in the community. Associate members do not need an FKFGA sponsor. They pay annual dues of $125.

Opt for a one-time payment and become a Lifetime Member

A Lifetime membership can be applied to both Guide or Associate status. A one-time dues fee of $1,000 ensures uninterrupted membership, saves the member money over the long-term, and helps the FKFGA by loading funds on the front end of a member’s participation. Lifetime Guide members still need an FKFGA sponsor before initiation, whereas Lifetime Associate members do not.

Honorary Emeritus Membership

These are among the legends and pioneers of Florida Keys backcountry fishing. They are guides who’ve left a legacy for future generations. For them, fishing has been a career, a lifestyle, a passion which has positively impacted the community, the fishery, and our south Florida natural resources. To them, we honor with the Emeritus title. We thank and honor them for their time and dedication to our mission.