Now that we have survived the blistering summer and are settling in for Fall fishing, it’s time for our  General Membership meeting where we will discuss the latest hot topics and other important matters aimed at strengthening our guide community.  At the event, all members will have the opportunity to renew memberships and get a new free FKFGA hat or shirt when you do!

Date: October 17, 2023Location: Islander Resort Conference Center
Time: 6pm – General Meeting, 7pm – Captains For Clean Water SB 2508 Short Film

On the Agenda:

  1. Shark Depredation

  2.  Membership Updates – new members

  3. Swamp Guides Ball Update

  4. Board Nominations

  5. Captains for Clean Water presents SB2508 – Short Film
    Get the inside story of the historic battle over a bad bill an and underdog’s triumph during the 2022 legislative session, when CFCW supporters rallied to oppose Senate Bill 2508 and safeguard the future of Everglades restoration. Learn how the voices of many can create an uproar and stop politically-influential special interests in their tracks.

  6. Q & A

See you on Oct. 7th!